Advanced Studies Certificates

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ABA - Applied Behavior Analysis

The course sequence in this certificate program will provide you the opportunity to understand, both from a theoretical and applied perspective, how ABA can positively influence the outcomes of children with disabilities. Upon completion of the program, you will have the option to complete internship hours in our Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities and/or in your school setting. Completion of this course sequence and the internship hours may qualify you to sit for the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) exam.

Note — applicants must be licensed as a Special Education teacher to qualify for this endorsement.

Adaptive Physical Education (APE)

This program is built around the Nevada Department of Education’s requirements for the APE endorsement. Students can choose the classes they need to complete their endorsement coursework.

Note — applicants must be licensed as a Special Education or Physical Education teacher to qualify for this endorsement.


With the increasing trend of children with autism receiving specialized services within the general education environment, the need exists to provide coursework for both general and special educators that focuses on the “What” and the “How” of delivering an appropriate education.  These series of courses may qualify you to obtain your Autism endorsement in the state of Nevada.

Beginning Spanish

In this course, participants will be exposed to cultural concepts, as well as usage of the Spanish language. The primary purpose is to aid teachers in gaining a better understanding of how to communicate with, and relate to Spanish-speaking K-12 students and parents. Participants will be introduced to concepts that can be used in the classroom to effectively teach Spanish-speaking students.

Effective Classrooms

This 18 credit program is designed to enhance the effectiveness of the teacher in the classroom. At the competition of this program the participants will have explored their individual classroom practices and determined ways to make the activities both within and outside of the classroom more valuable to the individual student.

Effective Schools

This program is designed for the participants to see the whole school community through its individual parts. At the completion of this program the participants will have investigated and learned more about the subjects listed below and should be able to assist in the improvement of the educational environment of the school community.

School Nurses

This program has been designed specifically to benefit school nurses in the Clark County School District. The emphasis is on recent research and information as it pertains to nurses’ roles in the district. General areas of study will include: Foundations and History, The Well Child, Episodic Illness of School Children, Chronic Conditions of School Children, High-Risk Behaviors, and Legal Concerns, and Health Services Management.

Special Education

When a child with a disability arrives in your classroom, what do you do? This series of courses will provide an overview of the purpose of special education, the characteristics and developmental progression of both typical and atypical children, the manner in which children are diagnosed and assessed, and the process for designing an appropriate curriculum. Completion of these courses, in addition to four other courses and student teaching will place you on the path to obtain a license in special education within the state of Nevada.

Teacher Leadership

Not every educator aspires to a formal leadership position, such as department chair or instructional coach. However, teachers are undeniably leaders, regardless of whether such skills have been specifically sought out. This course provides perspective to educators who may not be actively seeking administrative roles, but who nonetheless wish to maximize their ability to serve in a leadership role among their colleagues.


21st century teachers have access to an amazing array of technological tools. However, the potential benefits of tech for both instructor, and student use can often go unrealized. Connectivity issues, compatibility problems, lack of operational understanding, or even availability options can all represent stumbling blocks. This course has been designed for the teacher who wishes to complete his or her work through online instruction, and includes many technological solutions that will help improve teacher practice, as well as student achievement.

Intermediate Spanish

This course is designed to meet the needs of Estudiantes with intermediate and advanced Spanish conversational skills and fluency. Using conversational Spanish and Latin American culture from a critical multicultural, inclusive, and affirming, funds of knowledge perspective the course’s objective is to bridge the language barrier gap between teachers, Estudiantes, and parents. This course is part one of an introductory Spanish conversational course which emphasizes listening, comprehension and speaking. Reading and writing may be done as reinforcement to oral communication skills.

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